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Cognitive Reframing: A Psychological Tool to Start Feeling Better Today

Cognitive Reframing: A Psychological Tool to Start Feeling Better Today

Self-Acceptance: The Psychological Tool to Start Feeling Better Toda

Cognitive Reframing | Therapy in Camarillo California
Cognitive Reframing | Therapy in Camarillo California

What an incredible series of posts that was! We went on a journey from self-help to the impactful benefits of therapy. You are probably ready to dive into these tools and get started on feeling better immediately.

We knew it!

That's why we have created this blog post specific to the tool:

Cognitive Re-Framing

This post will provide you with four things:

  1. The definition

  2. Inspiring quotes

  3. A cognitive re-framing example graphic with negative to open (or more positive thoughts)

  4. Resources and Links List

1. Cognitive Re-Framing

Cognitive Reframing: A Psychological Tool to Start Feeling Better Today. Cognitive Re-framing helps us shift our perspective, turning negatives into positives--and if not positive, then at least neutral. This technique, commonly used in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), has been scientifically proven to help decrease depressive symptoms and improve mental well-being.


"Reframing is a term from cognitive psychotherapy which simply means seeing something in a new way, in a new context, with a new frame around it." ―Elaine N. Aron, research psychologist

"Cognitive reframing is a process we go through to create a cognitive shift . . . something we do naturally and often unconsciously. Cognitive restructuring is the same process, but it's done systematically and deliberately. When a psychologist guides you through this process, it's called cognitive restructuring." ―Dylan Buckely, contributor to BetterHelp Online Counseling

"When we change our point of view on any given situation, the facts remain the same, but a deliberate shift is made in how we see it." ―Linda and Charlie Bloom, relationship experts

"A reframe is not about telling yourself that your fear is wrong. Reframes are about finding another way to look at the possibilities of your life." ―Rebecca K. Sampson, Self-Help Author

"If you hear a voice within you say 'You cannot paint,' then by all means paint and that voice will be silenced." ―Vincent Van Gogh

"I am not failing — I am growing! Do you have the ability to reframe failure as growth in order to achieve your goals?" —James C. Collins

"To create the conditions for global compassion, all we have to do is to reframe compassion as something that is fun." —Chade-Meng Tan

3. Example of Cognitive Re-framing

4. Resources List and Links

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Powerful Thinking with Elevate Mental Health | Psychologist in Camarillo California
Powerful Thinking with Elevate Mental Health | Psychologist in Camarillo California

Mental wellness is attainable, and these scientifically backed psychological tools will help light your way and pave your way to feel better today. Many of our clients at Elevate Mental Health come to us and want to know one thing:

Can I Get Better?

And we most definitely state YES! This is why we exist. This is what we do. There is hope. Not just for others but for you. And this psychological tool of cognitive re-framing can help you start feeling better today.

Give us a call and we can help you start or continue your mental health journey today. Or respond by emailing us at to let us know which TOOL you would like to learn more about.

Your Team at Elevate Mental Health


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