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Deciphering the Pattern of Seeking Approval: A Journey to Mental Freedom

Mental Freedom and Seeking Approval | Los Angeles Therapist Elevate Mental Health in Ventura County California

In the web of actions the tendency to seek approval emerges as a prevalent theme interwoven in our social interactions. As we grow up many of us are taught to prioritize others' needs and wishes over our own fueled by a rooted yearning for recognition and validation. While seeking approval may initially arise from intentions and empathy, its effects on well being can run deep. This informative piece delves into uncovering the origins of seeking approval behavior, examining its impact on health and empowering individuals with tools to break free from this cycle and focus on self care.

1. Unpacking the Origins of Seeking Approval

"Seeking approval" behavior often traces back to experiences in childhood.  This is a time where individuals may have linked affection and acceptance with meeting others' expectations. Whether influenced by demands, cultural standards or societal norms the inclination to please others becomes ingrained as a coping strategy. This coping strategy was used for earning validation and evading conflicts.

Exploring the root causes that drive the inclination to please others can offer individual's insights into their patterns. This action can empower them to regain control over their decisions and behaviors.

2. Effects on Mental Well being

Although seeking approval and fitting in through people pleasing behaviors may provide gratification, the lasting impact on mental health can be harmful. Consistently putting others' needs before one's own well-being can result in feelings of bitterness, fatigue and a compromised self-esteem. Slowly over time, individuals may experience increased stress, anxiety and even depression as they strive to meet standards and maintain an illusion of flawlessness. By recognizing the toll that pleasing people takes on one's well-being, this enables individuals to take measures to assert themselves and nurture authentic self care practices. Oftentimes, it's easier said than done.  Many understand the concept but fail to execute this abstract concept.

Therapy stands in the gap of this confusion.

3. Techniques for Establishing Boundaries and Prioritizing Self Wellness

Breaking away from the cycle of people pleasing demands an intentional effort. Toward setting healthy boundaries and placing importance on self care this can be accomplished. This process commences with acknowledging and respecting ones needs and wants.  Even if it involves risking disapproval or disagreements from others, this can be life transforming skillset to have. 

Learning how to confidently communicate boundaries and express our needs is crucial for nurturing connections based on respect and empathy. Moreover, showing kindness towards ourselves and having expectations can assist us in handling the obstacles that come with self discovery and personal growth.

To sum up, the path of liberating oneself from the cycle of pleasing others is not easy. It is a journey taking for mental freedom and overall well being. By recognizing the origins of this behavior acknowledging its impact on wellness and adopting practices like setting boundaries and prioritizing self care, individuals can embark on a path towards authenticity, empowerment and inner tranquility. Keep in mind that true contentment stems from honoring your needs and living genuinely than constantly seeking approval, from external sources.

Action Step to Mental Freedom

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If you find yourself struggling in this area, consider scheduling a therapy session. A licensed therapist can provide personalized support, guidance, and tools to help you explore your sense of self and cultivate a deeper understanding of who you are and who you want to become.

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